Rollup Field Error – Record currency is required to calculate rollup field of type currency

One of my recent MS CRM development, I have come across with rollup field error i.e. Record currency is required to calculate rollup field of type currency.

Read the blog completely to know how we can solve this error.

I have added a new Rollup field of type ‘Currency’ to my existing custom entity ‘Sales Invoice’, which ‘SUM’ up the currency field’s data from related entity ‘Sales Invoice Line’.

After customization, when I have open the Sales Invoice Line entity to add line item following error showed up.

Note: This error would occur, only those records created before the new Rollup field added to the entity, since they will not contain valid data in the Currency (TransactionCurrencyId) field.

To examine this, I added the OOB ‘Currency’ field to the form and, it was blank.


Set the ‘currency’ field manually, which will fix this issue.

Now Add the ‘Sales Invoice lines’ which will calculate the rollup field.

Note: If you have created records before adding the rollup field to record and the records are trivial then delete them all as the records created after the addition of the Rollup field, should automatically have the currency field set, and the rollup field will work correctly.

I hope this will help you.

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