Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Table with Dataverse

Recently, While doing a POC, I wanted to check the capabilities of storing business central data into Dataverse, while doing the same I came across an amazing feature developed by Microsoft which is Business Central Virtual Table which is in (Preview) mode currently.

In this blog post, I will show you how you can configure from scratch the Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual table with Microsoft Dataverse.

Wait, before enabling this we need to integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with Dataverse, click here to see how to integrate Business central with Dataverse.

Once Dynamics 365 business central is integrated successfully with Dataverse, The first step is to navigate to your Power Platform environment and then select Dynamics 365 Apps and click Open AppSource.

Next, we need to install the Business Central Virtual Table (Preview) app.

Click on the Get it now button you will be redirected to the Power Platform Admin Center, and a new pop-up will open.

Select your Power Platform environment for which you want to enable Business Central Virtual Table (Preview) app.

Check terms and conditions and click on install.

After a few minutes, refresh your browser and installation should be done, and Status will be Installed.

Now, navigate to Microsoft Dataverse tables filtered All in the upper right corner and search for the Business Central Virtual Data Source Configuration table.

Open Business Central Virtual Data Source Configuration table, navigate to Data, select Business Central, and click Edit record on the header.

A new tab will open, where we need you to provide Business Central information.

Specify the Environment Name and the Default Company click save and close.

Now, Navigate back to business central where we need to configure Azure Active Directory Applications. Search for the Azure Active Directory Applications from TellMe.

Open AADA & in the State field select Enabled.

Once this setup is completed, we need to enable virtual entities that will pull data to Microsoft Dataverse from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Navigate to Microsoft Dataverse Tables and find the table called “Available Business Central Table”.

Open Available Business Central Table, navigate to Data, here you will get a list of all standard and custom entities.

To enable standard Dynamics 365 Business Central entity inside Microsoft Dataverse you should select one of the entities, for example, Item, and click Edit record.

It will redirect you to a new page, where you will see basic information about the Dynamics 365 Business Central entity. Here click Visible and after that Save & Close.

After a few seconds in the list of Microsoft Dataverse tables, you will find an Item entity with the name dyn365bc_item_v2_0. In this case, you will know that this entity is created from the Dynamics 365 Business Central list of entities.

Open Item, and again navigate to Data, and Microsoft Dataverse will show you all lists of items from Dynamics 365 Business Central. In case you don’t see all fields, change in the upper right corner view.

We have successfully fetched data from business central to Dataverse using the Business central virtual table concept.

Isn’t it cool..! 😎

Now, you all are thinking about custom tables, how we can fetch data from Business Central custom table to Dataverse.

I hope this will help you, Stay tuned will be discussing the custom table concept in my next blog.

Learn, Evolve & Share..!

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