Integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with Dataverse

In this post, we will walk through how we integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with Dataverse.

Note: Before Integrating keep Below things in mind

  1. We need to use the Admin login, while doing all the steps to setup these environments.
  2. The Base Currency of Business Central & Dataverse Environment should be same else you will run into issue.

If the currencies of Business Central and Dataverse do not match, the below error will display.

LCY Code XXX does not match ISO Currency Code XXX of the Dataverse base currency.

As you are all aware the base currency defined for Dataverse after setup is not possible to change however, you can match it in Business Central by changing LCY Code in General Ledger Setup.

Business Central environment

Dataverse Environment

Let’s start to integrate D365 BC with Dataverse

Navigate to Dynamics 365 Business Central and search for Assisted Setup.

You will find below options

From Assisted Setup under Connect with other systems group choose Set up a connection to Dataverse, as shown below.

This will start the Setup wizard, just follow and provide your information asked on each page.

Click Next to Start configuring Business Central & Dataverse connection.

Here you can select your Dataverse Environment or can enter manually, above screen shows where you can find this URL from.

Sign in with an administrator user account and give consent to the application that will be used to connect to Dataverse.

Choose Sign in with administrator user.

After Signing in with the administrator user turns green and bold, choose Next.

Select Ownership as Team/Person and Click Next.

Click on Finish to complete the Setup.

You can verify synchronizations recommendation by clicking on “Show Synchronization recommendation” as shown above.

Next, open the Dataverse Connection Setup from TellMe.

Click on Connection and select Test Connection.

You will get a Test success prompt if it is successful.

For more details, you can check Microsoft Documentation here.

I hope this will help you.

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