A Guide On How to Install/Uninstall Sample Data in Dynamics 365 CRM?

After creating a 30 Day Dynamics 365 CRM Trial account user always need to install sample data to get hands-on practice with Microsoft Dynamics 365 this article will tell you all about how you can Install and Uninstall Sample Data in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Follow the below steps to Install/ Uninstall Sample Data from Dynamics 365 CRM Online.

Step:1 Open Dynamics 365 CRM Navigate to Settings -> Data management and Click on Sample Data.

Step 2:  If you have not installed any Sample Data earlier, wizard will show Sample Data button. Click on it to import sample data given by Dynamics 365 CRM Out Of The Box.

Step 3: Now, Navigate to Imports under Data Management to see the Sample Data import records Status.

Step 4: Once all the records Status Reason change to Completed, we can able to see the Sample records in the System.

For an Instance, below is the Account Sample Data imported during this operation.

Step 5: If you want to Uninstall the same data imported during this operation, Navigate to Settings -> Data Management and click on Sample Data.

Then click on Remove Sample Data button.

Step 6:  Navigate to Settings -> Data Management -> Bulk Record Deletion to see Records deletion status.

I hope you have learn something.

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